Friday, November 16, 2012

The Cycle of Separation and Connection Between Twin-flames

My own thinking used to be so one-sided. I believed he was messing me around and playing me for a fool. I felt extremely hurt and in turn acted in ways which hurt him. Blinded by my own fear of losing him and trying to "prove" his love, I hadn't thought once about how I was hurting him (and I must say looking back, i was doing pretty much the same things to him that he was doing to me, but in a mirrored fashion). I also never even considered the fact that deep down I knew I wasn't ready to unite at that time either - all my focus was on him - he wasn't doing this, he wasn't doing that and it hurt my pride so much that the painful rejection is all i could think of. I tried to protect myself by shutting down. I chased him, but in a way that made out it was all some trivial game of power. He tried to protect himself by trying to make me chase him (to prove to himself my love for him), then doing the same as I was.

You bump into your twin flame for the first time. Boom! Something happens, you know this person somehow even though you don't recognise them on a physical level. You feel such intense love, but you wonder how this can be so when you don't know them. You conclude it's just lust, but why is there that knowing feeling deep in your soul? You know your life has changed forever, you can just sense it, but you don't have a clue why. Then you can't stop thinking about this person ALL THE TIME, re-living times when you saw him/her over and over and over. The love you feel for this person incereases over time when you think logically it should fade. You can't stop fantasising about them, being distracted by thinking of them to the point that you cannot concentrate on anything else. You just feel scared. Scared of losing this person somehow. Scared you have already lost them. Scared because you don't even know them and that it means you are crazy to feel such intensity.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Relationships
Twin Flames have also been referred to as original light, energy doubles, twin rays, twin hearts, divine complements, and twin souls. For the purpose of this article, though, I will refer to the twin flame and twin flame relationship.

The twin flame relationship is one of the highest forms of relationship there is to manifest at this time. It can also be the most challenging as our twin flame is the mate of our being that is our authentic self as Soul. The twin flame relationship operates from the "Light of Oneness" which encompasses what is perceived as both good and bad shadow aspects of who we are. This relationship offers the biggest arena for our creative expression to manifest if we are able to receive it.

Our twin flame will reflect this hidden shadow element to us more closely showing us where we are off center. If we are off center our twin flame will also be off center in the same area but may not consciously know it. How much the twin flames have integrated their "Soul Light design" with their physical being will determine how long they will be able to maintain a relationship with each other in the same physical environment. There is much that goes on within more hidden levels of relationships that can impact this relationship in the physical realm as well.

We are all souls that step down a portion of our energy into a human form for a unique purpose. In the case of twin flames they have the same electronic blueprint that is very much linked with their Soul's purpose. It is like the twin flames are viewing the same vision for manifestation and integrating it, one from the perspective of woman and one from the perspective of man.

Each has the complementary piece for what the other requires for healing any wounds they may have as well as any work they do in the world. Because they have the same electronic blueprint any process they go through is usually synchronistic whether they are in the same physical environment or across the planet never having physically met before.

When twin flames integrate more of their Soul light design within their physical being, they are like simultaneous explosions of light impacting the rest of the planet as the electromagnetic energy generated from their hearts operates within a unified field.

Exposed in the throes of love's hurricane this love radiates through many dimensions as they are so aligned that they do relationship differently than most others do. They communicate and work together on many layers of consciousness. As Souls, traversing many dimensions as complements, they are feeding the relationship with each other all the time. They dont need to physically be together in the same environment in order to have impact on each other. They don't even have to know who each other for this to occur for the communication occurs at a Soul level.

This is a relationship that "lands" in divine timing. When twin flames meet, having already made the connection with their soul, if they are actively integrating their purpose, there is a recognition that goes beyond language and personality. This is because this is a relationship that does not have to do romance first in order to get to true love.

Twin Flame love is ignited as a sacred marriage between their soul and personality. When they come more into balance with this sacred marriage within themselves they bring a depth of healing and awareness that is quite profound in the impact it has on humanity through many dimensions of space time.

Stripped of their ego defences and karmic patterning any pretending falls away as there fails to be anything that can be hidden in this relationship. They naturally facilitate wholeness. They are whole unto themselves. In that wholeness they are like springboards for each other bringing forward theirs gifts to humanity.

At the highest levels in service this fails to be a relationship where one or the other will dominate in the relationship. Each is a leader in their own right having established a complementary foundation throughout their life for the work they do in the world. When twin flames ignite their passion together they are a very magnetic force of light on the planet. They become each other's greatest champions in service to each other and everyone that comes into contact with them. When people think of having the ultimate soulmate relationship, the Twin Flame relationship is the one they are actually referring to.
In the past, conscious twin flame relationships have been rare. We are now in the times though, where the doors are opened for twin flame relationships to manifest more consciously on a much larger scale.

The Twin Flames are leaders in evolving the consciousness in multi-dimensional relationships on the planet. This divine alliance is awakening inner technologies that facilitate more conscious communication between them, even from a distance. Conscious telepathic communication between twin flames is awakening in the twin flame future now. The alignment within the patterns of their Soul Light Design when integrated as a man and a woman on the earth sends ripples across the planet touching all life on earth through all directions of space time.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Marriage: The True Union Of The Twin Flame Heart

Marriage: The True Union Of The Twin Flame Heart

What’s the first thought when we see or hear the word marriage? To most it’s a big white wedding between a man & a woman where we repeat words in front of a minister who hands us a slip of paper. So what if I were to say that the slip of paper & those words are meaningless unless you’ve experience a true marriage?

The Divine Marriage Union of Spirit that gives & unites us to our true self, this is a true marriage. It is the union of the masculine & feminine aspects of ourselves. A passages into the Bridal Chamber of the Christ & Sophia that are within us. A sacred union with our spirit that brings us into balance. This union with self is one to honor, cherish and truly commit to with all you are in all moments.

Any relationship or marriage will eventually fall apart unless the Twin Flame energies are brought into balance within both partners. The loss of any relationship or marriage is not a moment to wallow in sorrow. We have been given a gift, an opportunity to reconnect within ourselves to who we truly are! As we release our attachments to everyone & everything in our lives, we set ourselves free to journey deep within the self. The true joy of self-exploration, a connection occurs within the Twin Flame Heart. As we radiate Love & bring ourselves into balance, we attract to us those of similar vibrations.

Twin Flame relationships are built upon our oneness & equality. To manifest it physically we must first be one with our energy. We all have one true partner, yet are we willing to truly let go of all illusion? Sometimes we must even let go of our Twin Flames in order to break any attachments to them. The illusion is of the separation, Twin Flames are One, their Connection Eternal, time & space have no meaning. Once One, Always One!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 - Twin Flame Reunions and Ascension - Gabriella Hartwell
Q. 2012 is said to be the time of ascension. Does it mean that twinsouls incarnated here will be reunited in the physical now? We are already united spiritually, so, does that mean that this spiritual union is sufficient for planet ascension? If so, why physical incarnation together during this time? Can you expand on this? True to what is said I became aware of the twin soul concept only in 2011 and after that my spiritual connection with my twin has deepened. What else should we do besides going with the divine flow?
A. All co-creations with the twin flame prepare the oneness of all that is for ascension – not only those reunions in the physical. Many twin flame couples will be coming together physically this year of 2012 for the purpose of SHOWING the collective the VISION of true divine, eternal unconditional twin flame love beyond the words and the feelings. However, all combinations of twin flame unions (male/male, female/female, male/female) and all ways of uniting/co-creating, whether it be in full physical union or even spiritual union are powerful. The reason why the other unions are essential as well is to bring the collective awareness into the truth that we are connected way beyond the direct communication, that we can love beyond the minds capacity for knowing or planning, that we are so much more than our human selves for we are beyond the tangible, physical matter of these bodies.
Twin flame unions are essential in bringing the healing of separation into the full vibration of union. Therefore, there will be many twins who are same sex couples coming together, one in spirit/one in human form, big gaps in age difference, difference of religion, and geographical distances. There will also be some twins that have soul mate relationships while also sharing direct connection with the twin, and this allows for all parties involved to have unconditional love for the happiness of the twin in that other relationship as love is extended to all parties, increasing the love between them all. All love shared is love shared with all. We are truly meant to see the foundations of separation that we have been living in, to bring light to it and to surpass it by expanding our heart and bringing it into the vibration of unconditional love. Anything that we have placed limitation or separation (differences) upon will be united so that we can see it, feel it, and remember what union truly is. Union is love, unconditional deep, eternal true love in the heart of each of us, which is enhanced by the awareness and recognition of the twin, in whatever form the twin is and whatever way your union and co-creation will manifest. Whether or not your union with your twin will include the physical depends on your souls intention and mission in this lifetime.
What else to do other than go with the divine flow? Be you – bring your passion into the world – listen to your guidance in each moment, which is why being in the flow is so important – see love underlying every experience, every challenge, every relationship…for as you do this, you ascend into the higher vibration of union and love, as this brings you into a deeper alignment with your twin flame as your hearts expansion happens at the same frequency as your twin. All of these steps are bringing us together on a massive scale of oneness and it’s powerful!
2012, ascension, Rising in Love, Twin Flame Reunion, Twin Flame Union

One Response to “2012 – Twin Flame Reunions and Ascension”

  1. sleeping beauty Says:
    Dearest Gabriella,
    there are no words to express my gratitide to you. Your service is great and i wish you all success in all that you do and all that you want. As you have suggested,I now listen to guidance from my twin flame.I strongly feel that the mutual passion for us is to share our love with each other in all ways and many pointers keep telling me the “outcome is assured”.The How’s and Wherefore’s i leave it to the Universe.In the meantime, handling this longing, pain and loneliness is the challenge and i pray to God and all in the spiritual realms to help all struggling twin flamesTthank you Gabriella for your intuiteveness and guidance. I shall keep following your blog regularly.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Divine Love - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Daily Meditation: Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

"The day we succeed in becoming one with our higher soul, we will
experience the same phenomenon as what we call ‘love at first
sight’, that moment when two beings meet and their souls fuse
as in a flash of lightning.

But it is not enough to want to be one with your higher soul.
You also need to prepare your physical body for it, and it takes
years of work on yourself before you are able to receive the
vibrations of the divine world without being overwhelmed by them.

For there are moments when you cannot withstand so much beauty,
so much light, so much love. There can be accidents, just as when
someone accidentally touches an electric cable and is
electrocuted and their heart stops. People do not know what it is
like to suddenly make contact with the power of divine love. Even
though there is something rather like an electric transformer
inside that
 can bring down the voltage, if precautions are not
taken you can be struck down. Yes, you need to have a correct
idea of the nature of spiritual experiences."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

If you wish to visit Prosveta's site, or consult the many titles by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov go to

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Light and warmth w/your twin flame

Q. I first recognized my twin flame some 34 years ago. Since then much has happened- it was almost like unrequited love. Where I have always loved and he did not appear to return such.
Over the years our paths have taken very different but then again familiar paths. We met up physically a few months ago after a 15 year physical parting – nothing had changed.
However, I was some few weeks ago stood next to him ( not knowing it was he beside me) I felt the most sensational feeling of light and warmth with a feeling of a rope or tie pulling me towards him; when I saw it was he it came as no surprise but I have never experienced this spiritual profound and beautiful feeling before with him. It lasted a few seconds but felt like forever. This was broken when out of the blue a ten year old child standing nearby stated: ‘ she thinks that you are beautiful’ I was mortified at this remark and walked away very embarrassed. Is there an explanation for the feeling? I believe that the other half has only just awakened, my love has always been unconditional. I just know something has changed, if this makes sense? I never thought we would be together in this life but now for some strange reason I know it will happen soon…
A. The connection, the magnetism, the attraction between twin flames is always present, even when you are physically apart from one another. As your paths take different turns, they do bring you into more similar directions, because what you experience on your journey, your twin is also receiving the healing, the growth, the learning, and so much more as you go through your own steps. As you continue to walk your unique journey as you feel guided, you will move deeper in love and co-creation with your twin, which may include a physical reunion if that is in your life plan and soul intention for this lifetime. The clarity of these details will be revealed to you as you continue to move forward, however I would encourage you to stay connected to your intuitive nudges and feelings that come to you, for those are signs for you to remember what your soul chose to create, on your own and in collaboration with your twin as well as others that come along.
It is absolutely ok, more than ok really, even essential, for the expression of love to be shared with the twin flame. It is only fear that would create hesitancy for your feelings and your love to be expressed to your twin, as in the little girl saying what she said. Since you are so deeply connected to your twin and your twin is the clearest mirror for you, of who you are reflecting your essence back to you, then when you feel the love for your twin and see the beauty within him, you acknowledge this love and beauty within yourself, increasing the love you feel for both your twin and yourself. This love truly is limitless and constantly grows as you move through your relationships, experiences, creations. Enjoy each moment and let each moment guide you as to what next steps to take.
The word “soon” can get you caught up in the attachment to a specific time frame for your union in all ways, and I advise you to release the expectation and the attachment to a limitation placed on when this will happen. The perception of “soon” from the mind versus feeling from the heart are two completely different spaces. Make sure that you don’t fall into this, because all disappointments come from attaching to specific details. There does need to be a constant surrender to the flow in each moment, for each moment brings to you exactly what is necessary for preparation and guidance towards your complete immersion within the one heart of you and your twin. You move deeper into this one heart of unconditional love by seeing, feeling, believing, acting and loving from this profoundly deep space of experiencing love in everyone and everything. Enjoy this journey as the rewards are beyond description.
light, one heart, Twin Flame, Unconditional love, warmth

Friday, January 20, 2012

Twin flame crisis?

 Twin flame crisis?

 Twin flame crisis?

.... what we need to remember when managing twin flame experience is that twins are both highly evolved beings of love with a joint soul, yet they are also complete opposite polarities of the same frequency which is why there is such a magnetic love pull.

Twin flames relationships do bring up from within each other the deepest darkest unconscious soul wounds which are embedded within cellular memory from previous incarnations . These soul wounds are usually dramatically and excruciatingly painfully played out within the relationship dynamics before coming into full conscious awareness, then transmuted by the pure unconditional love channelled from the joint I AM presence.

The aim is to...
... work together and individually to bring harmony and neutrality into the relationship
... balance the opposite polarities within the relationship
... balance the Male Female aspects of relationship
...bring light into the shadows of selves and each other
...let go of conditioned belief systems of how relationships should work
... learn effective communication
...and surrender the ego.

So often one or the other of the twin flames seems to run. It may seem this way yet it is a necessary part of the healing and transformational process. When this happens let go, and keep in mind the bigger picture that in a genuine twin flame relationship the magnetic love will always facilitate reunion.

Service to Source and Mother Earth is so often part of the journey together and as individuals because the connection to source after transcending ego is phenomenal so the light and healing emanation from both twins is highly amplified!
Written and shared in Divine Love

Love and blessings 
♥ MM ♥
Melanie Moore Ph.D.

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